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UAT Membrane Filtration System

UAT™ membrane filtration solutions are

designed to be reliable in tough environments,

ensuring a secure and safe source of clean

potable water for the demanding offshore

marine industrial sector

UAT™ Pure Pro seawater desalination membrane filtration

systems from De Nora Water Technologies are ideal for offshore

oil and gas applications. The standard output capacities range

from 2,000 GPD to 26,000 GPD (7,570 LPD to 98,410 LPD)

and effectively produce fresh treated potable water, free of

particulate matter or contaminants from a seawater source.

Higher output capacities and custom configurations are

available on a project to project basis.

The cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-operate UAT™ Pure

Pro systems are built to withstand offshore and marine

environments. The systems always provide a source of fresh

water — whenever and wherever it’s needed. Systems feature

corrosion resistant components, flexible control features in

addition to standard features.

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OMNIPURE Series 64

With MEPC.227(64), the International Maritime Organization formally adopted a new standardfor the treatment of offshore sewage. More specifically, the guidelines call for a reduction in theamount of TSS, or total suspended solids. Obviously, maritime vessels and offshore platformsare compelled to comply. In doing so, they are also compelled to find a solution that achievesthe benchmark using proven technology that integrates easily with the simplest long-termoperation, minimal maintenance and most sensible economic impact.

The OMNIPURE™ Series 64 treats raw sewage to, or beyond the now more stringentMEPC.227(64) guideline while taking up less space than its predecessor. Not just a systemsmaller in size, it is easier to operate with simplified controls, minimal instrumentation, lessmaintenance and a completely hands-off solids management process.

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SEACLOR Seawater Electrochlorination

SEACLOR®/SANILEC® systems for the on-sitegeneration of sodium hypochlorite solution fromseawater have demonstrated reliable, economicand maintenance-free operation in numerousinstallations throughout the world. Operatingunder a variety of environmental conditions, theseinstallations range from supplying the sodiumhypochlorite requirements for large scale land-basedelectric power plants and industrial plants down tosmaller requirements for offshore marine facilities.De Nora developed the SANILEC and SEACLORtechnologies more than 30 years ago. De NoraWater Technologies (DNWT) offers three differentmechanical configurations of electrolyzer cells(SEACLOR, SANILEC-Plate Type, SANILEC-TubeType). DNWT will select and recommend the bestcell configuration for the application. When selectinga cell configuration DNWT considers the application,seawater characteristics, cost, size, weight, pressure,and historical preference.

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SANILEC Seawater Electrochlorination

SANILEC systems are the standard and preferredelectrochlorination system for biofouling control inoffshore and marine biofouling control as well as powerand coastal applications. SANILEC systems range incapacity from 2.8 to 47,620 lb/day (1.2 to 21,600kg/day), per train. Higher capacity can be achieved byadding trains.SANILEC systems take full advantage of our knowledgeand experience in the design of offshore skid-mountedunits, with strenuous area classification requirements.These systems generate sodium hypochlorite fromseawater using an extensively field-proven electrochemicalprocess suited for biofouling control in water flood,cooling water and fire water loops. SANILEC systems arealso designed for industrial power and coastal biofoulingcontrol applications.

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