Marine Disinfection

• More than 1,500 electrochlorination systems installed worldwide in marine, offshore, power and desalination applications

• Offers the only marine sewage treatment systems that oxidize sewage in the electrochemical cell

• OMNIPURE™ 55/64 is one of a limited number of systems to be certified to meet MEPC.227 (64)

• BALPURE® ballast water treatment system is patented and Type-Approved, providing an effective and economical solution to the threat of aquatic invasive species


• Installed more than 6,000 electrochlorination systems

• De Nora is the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of electrolyzers, electrodes, coatings and and technologies to serve electrochemical processes in diversified markets

• A leading supplier and pioneer of gas disinfection systems with more than 50 years' experience

• More than 1,200 ozone installations and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) over 45 years

Water Purification Capability

We have the experience of more than 50 years' across every continent, and the satisfaction of tens of thousands of utility, industrial, commercial and government customers. Our localized field andfactory service personnel are well trained to support De Nora Water Technologies’ disinfection, instrumentation, and filtration products.


• TETRA™ filters are one of the market leaders globally for deep bed filtration, including 70% market share in the USA.

• TETRA™ DeepBed™ tertiary filters now treat over 2,000,000 m3/d in Europe

• The TETRA™ Denite® denitrification process is the single biggest contributor in the restoration

of Tampa Bay. An average of 52 mgd (197,000 m3/d) have nitrogen removed using De Nora's process

• More than 70 percent of US steel manufacturers requiring filtration employ TETRA™ DeepBed™ Pressure Filters

• Manufacturing desalination systems for high salinity applications for more than 20 years

• Installing filtration systems for pre-treatment at desalination plants in Europe and the Middle East including some of the largest works in the world

Seawater Electrochlorination

SANILEC® Seawater Electrochlorination Systems

SANILEC® systems are the standard and preferred electrochlorination system for biofouling control in offshore and marine as well as power and coastal applications.

• Systems range in capacity from 2.8–47,620 lb/day (1.2–21,600 kg/day), per train

• Minimal operation and maintenance requirements

• Once-through flow design eliminating recycle requirements

• Use of corrosion-resistant materials of construction

• Low power consumption

SEACLOR® Seawater Electrochlorination Systems

SEACLOR® systems are used for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations using seawater for cooling orother process needs all over the world.

• Designed for continuous and unattended operation and require only periodic monitoring

• Eliminates storage, handling and purchase of hazardous chemicals

• Supplied pre-assembled or pre-fabricated to the maximum possible extent

• System capacities from 500–50,000 lb/day (10–900 kg/hr), per train

Marine Sewage System


The compact, MARINER OMNIPURE® sewage treatment system features a bulkhead mounted arrangement that maintains the use of your vessel’s installed sewage and seawater pumps and in-place collection/holding tanks.The systems accommodate crew complements up to 25 persons (black and gray water).

• BV Certification to IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55)

• Easy to install, start up, operate and service

• Eliminates storage, handling and purchase of hazardous chemicals

• No pre-treatment of raw inlet sewage stream

• Small footprint and weight

OMNIPURE™ Series 55/64

OMNIPURE™ Series 55 & 64 sewage treatment systems are the only marine sewage treatment system to oxidize sewage through an electrolytic process as well as generating sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection of the sewage streams. The systems accommodate

treatment capacities up to 197 persons (black and gray water).

• BV Certification to IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64)

• Easy to install, operate and service

• Lightweight package

• Minimal maintenance

• No additional tanks or filtration equipment required

• Operates on-demand, instantaneous on-off operation

• Operator-safe solids handling system

• Small equipment footprint

Membrane Filtration System

De Nora Water Technologies offers the UAT™ Reverse Osmosis (RO),Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration and Electrodeionization (EDI) systems for a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

• UAT™ RO membrane filtration systems range in standard output capacities up to 10 mgd

• UAT™ UF systems range up to 10 mgd

• UAT™ EDI systems are available with a maximum permeate flow rate of 2.2 m3/h–104 m3/h (10 gpm–460 gpm)